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In The Office, At the Studio, and On the Road!

May 8

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013  RssIcon

Going to be making a brief cameo on The Office this Thursday May 9th on NBC, at 9pm. I get to trade lines with Ed Helms' character, and the guy could not have been cooler or more helpful. It was a complete honor considering it is the second to last episode on the final season of this groundbreaking comedy, that basically broke Ricky Gervaise (UK Version) in the States. Check it out, but don't blink, or use the bathroom....

Had a great show in Kansas City, MO. last weekend at KC Live, and despite the fact that it was snowing! in May (a record), the place was packed and the crowd was rockin'! A big thank you to everyone who made it out, been too long since we've played your city, and the BBQ at Oklahoma Joe's was outta sight...

In "where does the time go" news, the twins turned 3 on April 29th. They tell you it goes quickly, and it certainly doesn't when there's crying at 3 in the morning, but it's still surreal nonetheless...

And quick recording update, Rod and I have 2 songs in the can, but it doesn't look like we are going to finish before the start of the tour. I know that was the original goal, but we made a pledge to ourselves that we would love every song, and that we would be able to play each one live....something we had never done before on previous SR records. Lets hope we will have some new stuff by the end of the year.

Cheers my friends, and looking forward to seeing you all on the Under The Sun Tour 2013...

Mark McGrath

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Re: In The Office, At the Studio, and On the Road!

Hi Mark,

I'm a long time fan, amateur musician, artist, and extremely amateur writer. I just want to say that it's really great to hear about you and the guys making new music, I can't wait to hear it. I'm a big fan of Sugar Ray and really of you as well, when I was younger you were a definite idol of mine. Which sort of brings me to my next point, I was wondering if you'd be interested at all in an amateur interview. I'm a blogger who'd love to ask you a few questions, nothing big and nothing real professional, practically just conversation. We'd talk about you, your life, Sugar Ray, music, you know the drill and I know you've been through it a million times haha. I'll try to keep it short if you're up for it, I know you're a busy man. I'd like to give you and Sugar Ray some good publicity either way. I write and talk about music regularly, I write album reviews, I write big analyses on upcoming bands and albums, it's just something I love. It's a hobby and a passion of mine and that's why I'd love to interview you.

If you do decide to humor an amateur writer such as myself and go through with the interview, then we can do it privately over email or some other way if you like. Either way, you can contact me at: dweems128@yahoo.com

I hope to hear back from you!

By Dante Weems on   Saturday, May 11, 2013

Re: In The Office, At the Studio, and On the Road!

Hey Mark,

My name is Kayla. My family and I won a trip to Florida in 2003 or 2004 I'm not completely sure I was around the age of 8. My mom wrote a letter talking about how my Dad was dying and our dream was to go to Walt Disney World together before that happened. They ended up sending my family out there! I remember going to the Epcot center and your band Sugar Ray Performed. My family and I were front row. I remember how exciting that was for us. We all loved you. The concert was awesome i remember you fell in the stage as you were singing. I thought that was the best part. Your lead guitar kept staring at my sister we all thought that was funny. After you guys performed you drummer gave me and my sister his drum sticks (which I still have) signed by you. I love them. a few months went by and my dad passed away June 2, 2004 from Small Cell Lung Cancer. But I will never forget going to Walt Disney World and seeing you perform. It was one of our best moments together as a family. I will definitely not forget. I hope you read this and can get back to me because you truly inspired my family. That night is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

By Kayla Crafton on   Thursday, May 16, 2013

Re: In The Office, At the Studio, and On the Road!

Great show in Little Rock! Thanks for the shot of Jameson and reliving the early days of Sugar Ray. Great times! Great band!

By Eric Hinsley on   Monday, May 27, 2013

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