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What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

Aug 6

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013  RssIcon

Sitting here in a hotel bed in Tyson's Corner, Virginia completely burnt out after 6 shows in a row , and finally a day off! Tomorrow begins another 6 in a row as we enter into the last two weeks of the Under The Sun Tour 2013. I thought last year was great, and it was, but this years line up has been something special. All the bands have been bringing it every night and the reviews have been outstanding. A big thank you to everyone who has attended, it warms my heart to see everyone singing their hearts out from the side of the stage every night!

Been so great touring again with our friends Smashmouth, Fastball and Gin Blossoms. I get the feeling we'll be in each others lives for a long time coming, and it's so great re-establishing friendships with everyone. In fact , we'll be going to Manila, Philippines for the first time with the Gins and Smashmouth!

Also, getting to know Vertical Horizon has been an absolute pleasure...they couldn't be nicer guys and they have a new album out soon! One of the highlights of the tour for me was when VH brought out their friend Richard Marx for their entire sets in Chicago and Detroit! Super nice guy, amazing talent and still looks like he's 30!

Well I told you guys I was lazy with this blog stuff, and my output is definitely backing that up! Big news in TV front on the horizon, will keep you posted as it becomes definite...man I miss my kids!

See you onstage...

Mark McGrath

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Re: What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

We are looking forward to your show in Las Vegas with the Sin City Sinners on September 7th @ Caesars Palace!! We are the social media partners with The Fan Derby Football Fest! Can't wait to meet you and see your outstanding performance! We are big fans!
**Sending good juju and positive energy your way for the remainder of your Under The Sun Tour 2013.**
Have a smashing day!
Elisabeth & Elissa

By Elisabeth Shaner-Flach on   Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Re: What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

Saw you guys at Wolftrap last night and you all killed it! All of the bands sounded awesome but seriously Sugar Ray stole the show

By John F on   Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Re: What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

Mark, thx for putting on a great set for us here in the RVA.
Glad you still enjoy doing what you do and we still appreciate it!
God Bless you and your family. Peace, Scott

By Scott Hill on   Thursday, August 08, 2013

What a Show

Seeing you at Wente was amazing. It was also great seeing you on The Kathy Lee and Hoda Today Show . I love seeing your comments when you post them. They show how you are missing your kid and truly seem to be a good Dad. You really are a nice guy and your wife is lucky to have you.

Can hardly wait till see you and your band again.

By Flo Viveros on   Thursday, August 08, 2013

Under the sun 9/09/13 Charleston, SC

Hey so if this ever gets to you, I am Shellie born and raised in south NJ. When I was 13 years old I skipped out on my 8th grade graduation dance to see you in concert at 6 flags great adventure (Jackson, NJ). This was late June of 2001 (I think??) idk I'm sorry... Horrible with years. Anyways. I saw you play in the under the sun tour in Charleston, SC August 9, 2013 (13 years later). I wanted your autograph and to be photographed with you foreverrrrrrrr dude, you have NO idea. I am a 90's chick that loves sugar ray. Unfortunately, I was wearing heels that hurt my feet and was unable to kick the security guard down to get a picture with you. All I want is an autograph. If you could at least just respond to me, and let me know that YOU personally have gotten this email, it would make the past 14 years if my life worth living. You are 20 years older than me; however, you do not look a day older than the first time I saw you in concert 13 years ago. I just need some sort of feedback to know that you actually do love your fans as much as your dedicated fans love you.

Love always, your greatest fan,

Shellie Reader

By Shellie Reader on   Saturday, August 10, 2013

Re: What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

I saw the videos of 'Some Day' and 'When It's Over' the other day...after a long long time. Hard to explain the feelings they all stirred up. Nostalgia, yeah, but not just that. Seeing the fun you guys had playing all those songs and making all those videos, and remembering the fun I've had back then. And seeing that all those feelings have actually been just a footstep away. You see one nostalgic music video and it all comes back. So, it kind of always been there. So, it's actually there forever. Nothing wrong with that.

By Mete on   Saturday, August 10, 2013


I took my daughter and son and law (28) and my granddaughter (1) to their first Atlanta concert tonight at Chastain and it was a weather mess. Just wanted to thank you for the great show. We all agreed (including the 1 year old :)) that you carried the day. All the bands did their obligatory part but you created the mood, kept it going and made it a fun night. You really did a great job despite the weather inconveniences and resulting turnout. Thanks for giving it the 110% that you always do, last year and again this year. My collective apologies for the lousy Atlanta weather for 2 years running. Hang in there with us. I swear it isn't always like this! You are an amazing showman and made it a wonderful experience. Thanks for doing what you always do and doing it so well. Thanks, thanks, thanks.


By Sue on   Saturday, August 10, 2013

Re: What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

So excited to see your concert here in Manila!

By Krissy on   Sunday, August 11, 2013

Re: What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

Loved the show last night in Allen. Your version on Blister in the Sun was so fun. Your whole set was by far my favorite of the night.

By Nicki on   Thursday, August 15, 2013

Re: What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

Saw you in Allen Texas last night. Great show, I loved all the bands!

By Shellie, not the Shellie from a previous comment on   Thursday, August 15, 2013

Re: What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

Great concert tonite at the mn fair
You all killed it on your last night!
Great legs

By Joanne on   Friday, August 23, 2013

Re: What a Tour... Friends, Fans, and Great Music!

Great last night in Va. Beach show Loved it!! Thanks to ur sound men I was able to see ya!!As a DJ I work weekends. So glad I was off!! Thanks for the early B-Day present!!

By Maria {DJBLACKWIDOW} on   Sunday, September 01, 2013

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