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Happy Thanksgiving & So Much More...

Nov 25

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Monday, November 25, 2013  RssIcon

What's up my friends?! Hope all is well, been crazy busy the past few weeks, and it looks like it's going to be that way until the end of the year. I've been playing shows, doing a little acting, and even officiated my first wedding! 

A few weeks after our visit, the Philippines was hit with one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded and did countless damage with many people losing their lives. Fortunately most of Manila where we stayed was spared, but a lot of the country was devastated. I know times are tough but whatever you can do to help the Filipino people will be greatly appreciated. I was happy to see the hero of the Philippines, Manny Paquiao, give his countrymen some much needed pride and hope by defeating Brandon Rios in a boxing match last weekend. 

I also had the privilege stretching my acting chops on the ABC series The Neighbors, playing a bit of a stretch (wait for it), a band member. It was a 2 day shoot and the cast and crew could not have been cooler or more welcoming. I play a former band member of the lead character Lenny, and the idea is we are getting back together for a 25th high school reunion. I had by far the most lines I've ever had for an acting gig, and I was a wee bit nervous, not gonna lie! Fortunately another actor playing the drummer in our band, Matt Del Negro (a veteran of Sopranos, West Wing and more), was super helpful and friendly and gave me some sage advice. The episode will be out in the new year, and of course I will tweet the date as soon as I know. 

I also had the extreme honor of officiating the wedding of my friends Kevin Bivona and Aimee Allen! Some of you may recognize Aimee's name, as she opened for us on our '09 summer tour, and that's where love bloomed for these two. I was touched that they asked me, but of course I'm not a minister, and I've never overseen a wedding. They somehow signed me up online and the next thing I know I'm standing at the alter watching the radiant Aimee walk down the aisle, as Rancid's Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman played an inspired rendition of "What a Wonderful World". It was a beautiful evening, and I've got a good feeling these punk rock lovebirds will go the distance! 

Starting to do a bit of press for TruTV's Killer Karaoke coming out in early February, can't wait for all of you to see the insanity! If you are reading this you are probably well aware of what a big Howard Stern fan I am, and I can't wait to attend his 60th birthday party in New York City. The party is being held at Hammerstein Ballroom, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, and will be the hottest ticket in town. Covering Mr Stern's beautifully written Psychadelic Bee is still paying dividends...can't believe our first time on his show was almost 20 years ago! 

And it's that time again, Camp Freddy takes over The Roxy in December! For those that don't know, Freddy is a band of friends playing cover songs simply to get back to the joy and love of performing. So stoked to be jamming with one of the best drummers in the world, Josh Freese, as we go back to the early Orange County days when my band was called the Shrinky Dinx (man, I'm 0-2 in coming up with band names).The best thing about Camp Freddy is that you never know who is going to come down those fabled stairs and join the band onstage. Ozzy, Billy Idol, and Steven Tyler all have been known to make an appearance, and Billy Morrison and his charm has an incredible talent of getting all the big names to jam with Freddy. If you can't make the residency we will be there on New Year's Eve, so come rock in the New Year with the greatest rock show you will ever see! 

That's it for now my friends...have a glorious and safe Thanksgiving!

Mark McGrath

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving & So Much More...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mark! Can't wait to watch the neighbors, I will tape every episode. Still on cloud 9 since we met at Humphreys!

All the best Mark!

By Jamie Varner on   Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Re: Happy Thanksgiving & So Much More...

HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING!!!Thanks for jamming hard for the vets at WEST LA's VA for vet's day!!! Also my nonprofit is called WE CARE FOR HUMANITY.ORG--WE are doing an event, a concert on Dec 13 at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana to help the typhoon victims. Would you consider bringing your incredible abilities to our event and performing---SUGAR RAY-----we are giving the vets discounts and as our budgetr is very small we are able to provide dinner for you and the band, but all of the proceeds goes to the victims. If you can help please call me at 323-915-0729 or the CEO, the beautiful Princess Maria Amor of WE CARE FOR HUMANITY at 8189833602. The venue is on Ventura Bl and the event is from 8:30 pm to 12: midnight.Thanks.

By maurice dwayne smith on   Sunday, December 01, 2013

When is Summertime Coming

I had the privilege of being at your concert in Allan Texas last year and have since been trying to add your current music to my Sugar Ray collection( been a fan for a long time!! )
I know your a Giants Fan or at least I think you are because my brother met you at a game. I will be glad to send you some Giants gear, if I can just get that song. :)


By Justine Hieber on   Wednesday, January 08, 2014

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