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Sharknado 2 & Redneck Cruisin'

Mar 3

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Monday, March 03, 2014  RssIcon

Cast of Sharknado 2What's up everybody? I'm finally out of the polar vortex that is New York City after filming my parts for early Oscar contender Sharknado 2. Man it was cold there, with many longtime locals telling me they don't remember a colder winter. Perfect for our little movie that is supposed to be shot in late spring/Summer. Ahhhh the joys of movie making magic...had a great time hanging with the cast Ian Ziering, Vivica A Fox, Kari Wurher, Dante Palmenteri, Judah Friedlander, Biz Markie, Judd Hirsch, Robert Klein, Richard Kind, and the best crew, hardest working crew around. Thanks ladies and fellas...

In Miami now, getting ready to go on the Kid Rock Chillin' The Most Cruise toward the Bahamas...it's being billed as a Redneck Paradise, so there should be some laughs.

More stories when I get back,much love!


Mark McGrath

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Re: Sharknado 2 & Redneck Cruisin'

Relax and enjoy the warm weather. It is much deserved. You will need it, as when you get home, your kids will be so excited to see you they will want to play with you non stop for the first couple of days. They will be 4 years old soon . I remember that being the best age of my daughter. Enjoy as it goes by so quickly. Looking forward to the dates of the Under the Sun Tour.....Are you going back on Wendy to announce them?

Take Care,

By Flo Viveros on   Monday, March 03, 2014

Re: Sharknado 2 & Redneck Cruisin'

Y want u ever come to sweden n play?????

By Anna on   Friday, March 14, 2014

Re: Sharknado 2 & Redneck Cruisin'

You guys rocked the Kid Rock Cruise. We saw 2 1/2 shows, and you were great. I wish we could have met at some point, but so do 2,400 other fans, I'm sure. :) Thanks for coming & I hope you guys will come back again sometime. Loved y'all! Take care & God bless you, the band, & your family.

By Beth Simmons on   Sunday, March 16, 2014

Re: Sharknado 2 & Redneck Cruisin'

First Flo, you are so right, they grow so fast! I have to say 3 has been a great age for me, looking forward to 4. UTS 2014 dates will be announced today or tomorrow, thanks for checking out the site!

I would love to come back to Sweden with the band and play! We use to play there quite a bit in the 90's after our first record came out. We played Stockholm, Malmo and a big festival as well. Hopefully we can get back there soon...

Finally Beth, thanks for the kind words, we had a blast on the Kid Rock Cruise! I've known Bob for a long time and he's still one of the most down to earth cats you will ever meet. Hopefully we will see you again sometime soon, thanks so much much for checking out 2 1/2 shows, hope the other half wasn't our fault!

Much Love,


By Mark McGrath on   Thursday, March 20, 2014

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