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The Apples of My Eye!

May 19

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Monday, May 19, 2014  RssIcon

What's up everybody! So the apples of my eye turned 4 on April 29th, and to say it's gone fast would be the understatement of the universe. Seems like 2 weeks ago when we first brought them home from the hospital. But here they are, living and breathing, healthy four years old eager to make their mark on the world. My love for them could never be articulated, and I'm so thankful for them giving me a true purpose in the second half of my life!

Gearing up for the Under The Sun Tour which starts on June 28th in lovely Omaha, Nebraska. Our third summer of bringing this rolling 90's extravaganza to the appreciative audiences of America. Right now we are looking into taking this tour around the world, it's high time we deliver this package to our friends around the world!

Also, don't forget, Sharknado 2 premieres on SyFy channel on July 30th. I've heard through the grapevine, they have added even more cameos that haven't been publicized, so prepare for minds to be blown.

And finally, still working on how to answer your questions on my YouTube channel...I have not forgot about you! By now, you know how computer illiterate I am, but the good news is I'm trying!

And speaking of trying, we (Rod, Dean and I) are currently getting together and writing some music. We have Summertime's Coming (which we've been playing live the last year) and a few more really cool ideas. Here's the plan, we will write some more songs over the summer and then enter the studio in September. We are hopeful for a Mark McGrath EP release by the end of the year.


Mark McGrath

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Re: The Apples of My Eye!

I wasn't sure of how to contact the band directly so I sent a "question" to the ask section of your channel. It is regarding the Kalamazoo show next month. If you read that please feel free to contact us.
PS: my 5yr. Old is a music addict (listens to "Live at Folsom Prison" every night while falling asleep)
Kids are amazing and I'm sure she'd love to meet you guys someday.
Thanks for your time and for all of the effort.

By Tony on   Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Re: The Apples of My Eye!

Dear Mark,

I have been a huge fan of tours since high school (15 years now)!! I'm so happy that you have found a different inspiration to write music in your kids. Can't wait to listen to your album and introduce my 21mth old Son to it. While pregnant I loved to play your greatest hits and sing along so my Unborn child could listen too. Hope to see you in tour soon ...

Love You

By Luz on   Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hopefully this will get to you:

Hey Barb Montgomery here! Yes I finally got up the nerve to find out if you can help me out for the "Under the Sun" 2014 show @ Pine Knob. I am willing to pay for the tickets but I wanted get a chance to say hello. I know it is always crazy prior to the concert so I am going to leave it in your hands. I was excited to see that MI rated 3 concerts!! Awesome. My tweet acct is @DTW_SNA (get it!?). I posted a tweet not sure if you will see it unless you tweet me back. Just learning the tweet world not sure best way to get a hold of u!

Great to see The pics of the kids on Carin's FB, unbelievable that they are 4. Definitely miniatures of both of you. I still have all of the emails that AM sent me of the pics of the kids. It just keeps me closer to her. Take care my friend hopefully our paths will cross. Barb

By Hi Mark on   Monday, June 09, 2014

Re: The Apples of My Eye!

Yes children grow so fast.... Do you plan on making any new songs. I am like wow were has Sugar Ray gone

By Renee on   Monday, June 23, 2014

Re: The Apples of My Eye!

You are such a great dad Mark!!! 4 yrs old is such a fun age. Can't wait to see you today at Memorial Park. Hope the rain lets up. See you soon, much love!!! Your biggest fan, Laurie!!!! The 5 cd girl from Iowa last year, LOL!!!!

By Laurie Anderson on   Friday, June 27, 2014

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