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Happy New Year Everybody!

Jan 5

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Monday, January 05, 2015  RssIcon

Happy New Year everybody, hope you had an incredible holiday! We had a blast playing at the PeachDrop 2015 right smack dab in the middle of downtown Atlanta, and we shared the stage with Ludacris no less. Really lookin' forward to new beginnings and opportunities in this new year, as this will be the year to finally cut ties with the old, and welcome what ever comes my way in the second half of my life.

Rod, Dean, Kristian and I have been getting together and writing and rehearsing new songs for an EP that we hope to have out this summer. Now I know I've been saying this for awhile, but to be honest, there's no reason to put out anything that we all don't love. There's no time table (except our own!), or a label waiting for us to finish (though we will have one for distribution), so there's no pressure to finish. For the first time ever, we are actually taking time to craft and rehearse the songs before we go into the studio, imagine that?! We've already added two songs to our live set as some of you know, and I would say we have 5 songs done, with 3 more very close...so certainly enough for an EP. Thanks for your patience, and we are hoping to have the EP out just before we head out on Under The Sun 2015. We will be announcing the UTS lineup in the next few weeks, can't wait to see you all again this summer...

In other news, I'm still laughing from filming Joe Dirt 2 in Covington, Louisiana with my old pal David Spade. It was quite surreal to be trading lines with David and his mullet, at least when I wasn't ruining takes laughing at his improv and non-verbals. Also, got a chance to meet and work with the uber talented Fred Wolf (Tommy Boy, Grown Ups, SNL, etc), who directed and co-wrote the movie with David. I've been a fan of Fred's since his days at Saturday Night Live, and he was so supportive and welcoming on the set, that he almost made me think I was funny for a second...dangerous indeed. Also, got to work with the lovely Brittany Daniel (who hasn't aged a day since the first JD), Kevin Farley (steals every scene he's in), and Patrick Warburton (Puddy from Seinfeld)...all of them super cool, super friendly and super normal! Joe Dirt 2 will be out this summer, it's gonna be a lot of fun....

Best to you all this year, let's make it a good one...Sláinte

Mark McGrath

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Re: Happy New Year Everybody!

Hello Mark !! I wish a great year for you, for your family!May this be a year full of light and good energy for future work!I hope to return to Brazil with Sugar Ray, a band that I love!Strong Hug your Fan Brazilian Adler Antunes

By Adler Antunes on   Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Booking Sugar Ray?

Hello Mark, We're longtime fans and are interested in having Sugar Ray headline/perform at some of our upcoming "Oysters in the Vineyard" events taking place in a number of vineyards this spring & summer. How/who do we contact to see if this is possible? Gonna try to FB message you as well.

Thx, Andrew & Gina
Retro Artists Group
Event Production Specialists

By Andrew on   Monday, January 12, 2015

Re: Happy New Year Everybody!

Well Mark,

I must say that i have been following you since Sugar Ray and Abracadabra, no not stalking just following. I must admit it was great to see you in different genres, Shania Twain for instance, you really suit anything you put your mind to and you're right 2015 is about doing something that you all love and enjoy. what is happiness without family love and enjoyment of music. I trust you will age well and so will your music, take care and keep up the good work and have fun doing it.

By Brenda Huntley on   Friday, January 16, 2015

Re: Happy New Year Everybody!

San Diego area wants another Under The Sun Tour!!!!

By DaniPaul3 on   Sunday, January 18, 2015

Re: fan mail

Hi just wanna say I think you are such a talanted singer with a heart of gold you are my inspiration and my role model glad to be a fan of such a young talanted man

By nicola jones on   Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Re: Happy New Year Everybody!

Just got reacquainted with Sugar Ray's great tracks! You guys are stellar. Thanks for all the hits. Keep'em coming with a new album or some more live concerts in LA??????????? Happy 2015 and #Godbless.

By thewritealice on   Thursday, January 29, 2015

Re: Happy New Year Everybody!

Ecstatic to hear some new content !!!

By sergio on   Tuesday, February 03, 2015

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